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We are brand creators, advocates, rejuvenators. Artisans of uniting form & function.

When design is crafted in a thoughtful way, a brand is brought to life — empowered to inspire, move, and succeed. Jen Rhoton Co. brings the exceptional creativity you expect and deserve, together with analytical thinking and an obsessive attention to detail. Our nimble team is a marvelous collection of natural collaborators who are also tenacious and fearless when it comes to delivering your high quality creative.

Outside of the art board, we are parents of the two-legged and four-legged, obstacle course racers, yogis, bloggers — some really cool creative types — who bring an enthusiastic mix of perspectives and talents.

Passionately dedicated, creatively inspired, process oriented.

Jen Rhoton — Chief Creative Officer and branding guru — knows anything worthwhile is achieved through grit, dedication, and determination. Whether that’s starting her then one-person design firm in 2006 or rising early each day to train for Spartan obstacle course races. Jen’s get-up-and-go has resulted in an award winning boutique agency built on successful relationships and supported by a team with whom she confidently collaborates. That same attitude also has earned Jen more than few podium medals.

Jen’s unusual amalgamation of creative talent and methodical, reasoned thinking also makes for a rare breed in the design world — An Organized Artist. Throughout each step in the creative process, both skill sets are at play, ensuring clients’ goals are met on all fronts of design and delivery.

Jen stays grounded by taking to the outdoors with her adventure-loving family — a supportive husband and their two sons, a sweet-natured 13-year-old and a fearlessly determined 9-year-old, along with the family’s 70-lb baby and devoted sidekick, Maddock. Whether hiking, biking, snowboarding, paddle boarding, or running obstacle courses, this quest-seeking, kind-hearted clan has proven time and again that the best moments in life truly are the simple, unplanned ones.

Now 15 years into her business, Jen’s latest initiative is one that pays it forward. It’s called Create(for)Good. And it’s an opportunity borne of the desire to tell the stories of those who cannot, to inspire the change that helps to make our world a better place.

To name a few.

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NC Medical Board



RealFit Club

Seva Yoga

The Running PTs



Environmental Research & Education Foundation

Lucy Daniels Center

Operation Lifesaver, Inc.



Arlington Community Federal Credit Union








Vertical IQ



Local Market Monitor

Village Lofts

Weavers Grove



Rocky Top Catering

Southland BBQ

Strike & Barrel



Town of Cary

University of North Carolina

“To design is to communicate clearly. By whatever means you can control or master.”


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