Story of the mark.

Creating something good isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.

Putting a visual to something you’re passionate about, so close to, and that has so much purpose in your life is no easy task. Like my mission to find my life’s path — years of pondering “what’s next?” — I knew I was looking for something, but not quite sure what. As my path with Create(for)Good became clearer, so did my vision as to what I wanted the mark to convey. Still, it took countless hours of work — hundreds of fonts, symbols, trials, and missed results; feedback from colleagues and family; and returning to the drawing board dozens of times.

Much like clarifying my mission in this life, I refused to settle. The story of the final mark — the one that says it all — is just as much of a story of my arrival on the Create(for)Good journey.

create for good elephant

Elephants are a recurring theme of the importance of both friends and family in my life. My late grandma was a fervent fan of elephants. Without knowing the significance, just months after she passed, a dear friend gave me a white elephant as a symbol of our friendship.

Animals are great teachers for humans and how we should strive to live. They possess so many qualities from which people could benefit from emulating in many ways. I believe when you raise awareness about animals, humans may care more deeply about the environment in which they live.


The countless forms of life on our planet — plants, animals, humans — need to live and thrive in harmony. As humans, it is within our power to influence that harmony. And it is our responsibility to protect and advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

create for good  world
create for good  hands
Humanity and kindness, above all. Period.

Plants are conscious, sentient beings, and watching the documentary Chasing Coral brought this to life for me, so to speak, a thousandfold. In this moving documentary, Richard Vevers used his ad agency skills to introduce a new approach to ocean conservation and saving coral reefs. His work was an inspiration on my journey toward the genesis of Create(for)Good.

create for good  plant
create for good  big small

This element of the mark juxtaposes the greater world (large animal) next to the lesser in size among us (small plant). While the elements are not proportionate to scale, they symbolize that all life matters and holds importance, regardless of size.


The infinity symbol represents my long-term mission; I am forever bound to these principles. I also am a steadfast believer in Karma — that what we receive is caused by our actions — and it is a never-ending loop.

create for good  karma
create for good  outer
Holding it all together is an organic, non-symmetrical outer shape that connotes malleability, the need to continuously adapt and flow.

More than a mark.

The Create(for)Good logo is more than a mark. It’s a catalyst to inspire partnerships between Jen Rhoton Co. and organizations that are striving each day to make their purpose heard and to further their mission. Together — through creativity and design — we can give voice to this purpose and save the world. 


Thanks for reading my story. 


“How do we use visual storytelling, emotional storytelling, to be able to tell a better story so that the public sees it and understands it for themselves?”

Jeff Orlowski, director, Chasing coral

Let’s do some good.

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